I like to think of myself as a content creation powerhouse of sorts.

B2B copywriting is my specialty, and I spare no effort to be absolutely brilliant at it.

I am an internet enthusiast who lives for B2B content marketing and finds nothing more satisfying than bringing brands to life online.

Learning is an ongoing process for me. I say, in this digital age, we can do anything, be anything we set our mind (and heart) to!

I come from a family of soldiers, educators, writers, academicians, musicians, and poets. Creativity and discipline are in my DNA.

My favourite word is “enjoy.” Because that’s what I like to do: enjoy life.

And yes, if life were a box of chocolates, then I would eat it all in one sitting!

I love working with people who inspire me, exchange knowledge and believe in building a collaborative partnership.

More about freelance B2B copywriter Asavari Sharma

I have always believed in hustling.

My first job was at 19, as a freelance SEO writer for a B2B marketing consulting firm. I earned peanuts, but over ten months, I learned to flex my creative muscle to produce content for blogs and websites under tight deadlines.

Three years later, I leveraged this content writing experience and research skills of a trainee journalist (which I acquired as a media student) in my first professional job.

For 14 months, I worked full-time as a media relations officer for an online furniture and decor startup. The job gave me endless opportunities to sharpen my writing, networking, and marketing capabilities.

I extensively travelled across the city, attending eCommerce and advertising expos, designing many marketing materials, and executing the company’s social media campaigns to the ‘t.’

During this time, I also started doing content marketing writing work on the side, catering to SMEs, technology startups, SaaS companies, and eCommerce brands across the globe. The freelance hustle, with time, proved successful for me.

Fast forward to 2016: I moved cities again only to find an exciting content marketing job in the accounting outsourcing/offshoring industry lying in wait for me.

I dedicated the next three years – in full-time, freelance, and remote capacities – to writing content as well as formulating and implementing B2B marketing strategies that generated results and fueled the company’s brand value.

Eventually, I got to a monotonous point in life. I knew I wanted to be my boss and not depend on others for work. I was afraid of being complacent in my career and not taking any risks. So, I took a step back for a brief period to clear my headspace.

It was a time of soul-searching for me, of asking questions about the type of work I wanted to do and the industries in which I wanted to thrive. I took a hard look at my professional goals and the risks I was willing to take to achieve them.

I gave myself a year to see how life as an independent professional went. And I am glad I took that step.

Today, I have long-term freelance content marketing contracts that keep me happy and paid. I run a boutique marketing agency with my friends, who are also brilliant marketers themselves.

From marketing new businesses and learning new technologies to writing for publications – I do it all and more on my terms with dedication and gratitude! The feeling is fantastic. 🙂

Of course, the journey has not been easy. But as they say, when there is no struggle, there is no progress.

So, if you have read this far, I am sure you want to see how it is to work with me. What are you waiting for? Please hit the button below and get going!