Are you struggling with cold emailing? You are not alone. With over 118 billion consumer emails being sent and received daily, it is not surprising for your cold email to get lost in the crowd. The fact that 80 per cent of emails get deleted under 3.2 seconds on an average doesn’t help your case either.

But even in 2019, cold emailing is considered to be a cheap and effective method of acquiring customers and driving revenues. Email is an essential marketing activity to be undertaken by businesses to sustain in a competitive market.

However, writing the perfect cold email is an overwhelming process. For starters, businesses can’t be successful at it unless they conduct in-depth research on their target customer base. With less than 24 per cent of sales emails being opened, it further proves that some businesses are not doing a great job.

Only when that’s sorted should they move forward with writing. My guest post on talks about five elements that constitute the anatomy of a perfect cold email. Give it a read and let me know what you think.