B2B content marketing

Content marketing is the process of producing and syndicating valuable content consistently to improve search engine rankings, boost brand awareness, and generate audience interest.

However, most businesses stop at the production bit and then wonder why they are unable to attract attention or close sales.

The biggest myth in the digital world is, ‘If you create something, customers will follow.’ It doesn’t work like that.

B2B content marketing is industry-agnostic. Regardless of the target market, geography, product or service, businesses must put themselves out in the market with the help of content marketing service providers like myself!

It is necessary for businesses to:

1. Consistently evaluate and refresh existing company collaterals and website content
2. Keep track of how and if social media is improving their customer engagement
3. Experiment with different marketing tactics for optimal lead generation

In a nutshell: your business needs well-thought-out B2B content marketing strategies to drive qualified traffic to your website and to get relevant people talking about you.

Merely publishing blogs on the website is not going to cut it!

Without the help of content marketing service providers, even the most well-written content is pointless, which is where I come in.

Leveraging website analytics, keyword research and market scenario, we will develop a B2B content marketing strategy for your:
  1. Social media platforms
  2. Product or service launch
  3. Webinar, podcast or event campaigns
  4. Content distribution
  5. Lead generation funnel

Here is a sneak peek into the process:

1. We will start with a 1:1 consult – discuss your business vision and extract as much relevant information from you as possible.

2. I will back that up with desk research – put together a top-level strategy which will include competitor-and-target customer analysis, and marketing tactics that are a fit for your business.

3. Once you sign off the research, I will come up with a focused list of content and campaign ideas and formats that are most likely to stand out and help you achieve your business goal.

4. You can then work your way through the options and tell me what you would like me to pick first. I aim to solidify your strategy before my fingers hit the keyboard.

Please note: if you don’t want a communications plan and prefer brainstorming with me over a call or in-person, that works as well. I will account for that in your quote.

Are you ready to overhaul your B2B content marketing strategy? I sure am. 🙂