A typical work environment doesn’t always bring out the best in people. An angry boss, spiteful colleagues, stubborn subordinates—these characters create the everyday drama at work. The thought of it is pretty exhausting but it’s a reality for most people, especially managers.

Destructive employee behavior, intentional or otherwise, can leave anyone reeling or demotivated. That person may criticize you or your work, disrespect you, or simply disrupt the overall workplace.

In such cases, how can you avoid feeling completely deterred? What’s the best way to deal with such a negative person? Take notes from the following:

1. Listening is the Key

Sometimes, you’ll get so irritated with that negative employee that you won’t be able to focus on the real problem, so try lending an ear to that person. The best way to get to the core of the issue is to have a sit-down discussion with the employee about what the problem is. Talking may not always solve the problem, but it would can set things into better perspective and throw light on the way to move forward.

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