Many business owners require copy editing and proofreading services from time to time, mainly when multiple writers are in charge of the content, and they write without any consistency in tone of voice.

Imagine if your business gives mixed signals to your target customers? The language used in your blog posts is formal and hands-on. But your social media captions are friendly and relaxed. That is confusing, right?

Don’t take your brand voice lightly!

A well-written, grammar error-free, and properly-formatted copy can boost your brand image considerably.

I am a sucker for proper grammar, writing styles, and capitalization rules, which is why you should let me help you with proofreading and copy editing.

Besides identifying and correcting spelling, grammar, and typing mistakes, I can also write you a concise reference guide that gives everyone in your team the tools to strike the right tone when they write on your business’ behalf.

This reference guide will work well for your web pages, brochure copy, personal emails, social media captions, eBooks, presentation decks, and every other content piece you produce!

Talk about making proofreading and copy editing easy!

Here is what the guide includes:
  • A comprehensive brief on how your copy should and shouldn’t sound
  • Simple examples of your brand voice in different contexts
  • Helpful character suggestions and formatting tips to keep in mind

If you think you need help, let me give your content a thorough audit.