When I was studying in journalism school, I never imagined I would work in marketing and enjoy it thoroughly. But then, writing is my first love, and the internet has made it possible for me to pursue both journalism and marketing simultaneously.

So, here I am – searching for good stories. If you have one, here’s how you can reach me:

1. Please share your details via the contact form shared below.

2. Once the form is received, I will send an acknowledgement email. We can then discuss the timelines.

3. My favorite domains include travel, technology, marketing, lifestyle, and culture.


1) Do I write about my clients?

Uh, no. Never. It is unethical, and I know that well. My modus operandi has always been full disclosure and complete honesty. So, even if by any chance, a client of mine does get mentioned, it’s because I have got the editor’s approval.

2) Do I charge from the person I am writing about?

No. If I write about someone or their service, it’s because they piqued my interest. Journalism for me is personal.

3) What happens when a story idea gets rejected?

I will try to pitch it elsewhere when that happens. Please note I may not always have the necessary contacts. But I am resourceful and will find a way for sure.

4) What is the average time taken by me to write a story?

From the time a story gets pitched to the time it gets submitted – I’d say two weeks to two months. However, the onus of publishing a story is solely on the editor.

5) Where do I want to get published in the future?

Oh, I have a long list. Forbes, Inc. Magazine, TIME, The CUT, New York Times, Nat Geo, CNTraveler, Lonely Planet, Bustle, and more. A girl’s gotta dream! 😉