2019 has been a year of travel for me. Not only did I explore new countries and new cities in India but also I went on multiple weekend getaways – without missing deadlines and important calls. But, despite the jet-setting schedule, one thing that I occasionally struggle with is completely switching off from work.

If you run a business of your own, you will agree “switching off” is not an option. As a solopreneur, I know how much blood and sweat goes into delivering quality work. But when one is obsessively passionate about their business, they are more likely to burn out – no matter how satisfying their job is to them.

I am no exception.

I understand a holiday is a perfect opportunity for me to take a much-needed break and step back from my monotonous routine. But I am still learning to do that guilt-free because, at the end of the day, I don’t want to be stressed or find it harder to perform at my best:

So, here’s what I try to do:

1. Go off the radar (almost)

As soon as I reach my destination, I put my phone away and only use it for a few minutes when I am back in my hotel room after a long, exciting day of sightseeing. In fact, I have noticed that my mobile consumption reduces dramatically when I am on holiday.

I also check my emails once or twice to which I don’t respond immediately. It is always good to be in the know, but it’s terrible to get sucked into the email vortex when this (👇) is your view.


2. Embrace JOMO

Believe it or not – Instagram is not the first thing I check in the mornings. It’s not even my second or third choice. I don’t care about Facebook and have never downloaded the app on my phone. And I usually forget about Twitter, so that’s there.

Out of the three, Instagram is my absolute favorite. However, when I am on holiday, I don’t scroll through the feed at all. Nothing seems to interest me when I am sipping Mimosas by the beach or strolling the streets of Paris. It’s great if my Instagram connections are getting married, partying hard or vacationing at an exotic location. Good for them!

But at that moment, all I care about is relaxing and rejuvenating myself. I don’t want to be bothered with the digital clutter in my life.

I embrace the Joy Of Missing Out!

3. Enjoy the local cuisine

I am a foodie, and I love trying out local dishes of different countries and states. Ah! The excitement as my palette welcomes exotic dishes, spices, and tastes. I know not every food item is supposed to turn around a hectic day or de-stress, but when I am on holiday, every meal with the family tastes even better and elevates my mood.

There is nothing quite like it, and frankly, eating my way through the local cuisine is one of the first things I look forward to when I travel. I live for food for sure!

4. Step back, reflect, and plan

I think we millennials get burned out rather quickly. This interesting BuzzFeed News article supports my statement. We work too hard and often pull extended hours in the office. No wonder, we get exhausted quickly and sometimes find it difficult to even get up and go to work. There’s no balance.

When I am on vacation, I take a step back from my daily routine and take out time to introspect the weeks that have gone by. I try to find ways to optimize my life. I discuss the trials and tribulations of being a solopreneur with my family.

“How can I do things differently,” is something I ask myself a lot. Trust me – it’s not all about work. I also want to make a positive impact on my everyday life, and that’s not possible if I spend 12 hours a day in front of my laptop.

Pausing and taking a break really helps me here because life is only well-lived if improved continuously in every aspect.

Life is only well-lived if improved continuously in every aspect. Well said!

Wrap up

Given our crazy work schedules, it is vital to go on vacation frequently even if we visit the nearest hill station or a neighboring state. It is necessary to designate free time to relax and recharge our batteries. Now that you have read this far, can you tell me what’s next on your agenda?