I hope that the holiday season went smoothly for you and that you had some wonderful, happy times with your loved ones. We spent New Year’s Eve peacefully at home, welcoming not just a new year but a new decade with immense gratitude.

2019 was a fantastic year for me. I signed up new clients, expanded my industry knowledge, grew my networking circle, and of course, kick-started a new venture that I am incredibly enthusiastic about!

As always, the time flew by, and now I’m back at work. I have decided to dedicate 2020 to working hard for a better life, a more fulfilling life. Today, I am happy, healthy, and entirely at peace. I have a fantastic partner, a close-knit family, and a career that I am incredibly proud of!

More importantly, I have a clearer vision for my future. There is so much I want to do in the coming days. I am 100% sure that this year is my very best year, and all that I wish for is going to come true. I can feel it! ☺️🌼

And with that thought, let me share five things I want to accomplish in 2020:

1. Get published in major global publications

Last year, I got the opportunity to write for several niche platforms like MarketingProfs, SmallBizDaily, e27.co, eLearning Industry, B2Community.com, Marketing & Growth Hacking, The Writing Cooperative, and many more!

This year, I want to take it up a notch. And I have already started working on a plan of action and story ideas for that. I can’t wait for my efforts to bear fruit. *fingers crossed*

2. Keep growing

I attended my first marketing event (ad:tech LDN) in 2019, and I had a blast! After attending over 14 workshops (phew!) on marketing technology, influencer marketing, online branding, and email marketing in two days, I realized there is so much to learn as a marketer.

The year 2020 goes to attending more such events, gaining knowledge, and meeting interesting people. Any recommendations? Besides, I plan to get several HubSpot and Google certifications before the year ends. Online learning is an essential aspect of my upskilling program.

3. Learn French

Ever since I watched Amélie, starring Audrey Tatou, I have had a desire to learn French. For now, I can only manage to say a handful of words such as Bonjour (Hello), Merci (Thank you), Pardon (Excuse me/Sorry), S’il Vous plait (Please), and Au revoir (Goodbye).

But I want to learn more! The sound of French is beautiful to listen to. The phrases flow so smoothly from one word to the next. But the pronunciation is very tough. This year, I’d like to learn the basics of the language. I have signed up on Babbel.com for my lessons.

4. Focus on physical well-being

I spent a considerable part of 2019 in working on my mental health and improving my sleeping pattern. This year is all about getting back in shape and eating healthy.

5. Practice gratitude on an everyday basis

I started practicing The Secret in 2018, and I can’t believe how quickly my life changed for the better – both personally and professionally. I love how we can visualize and manifest whatever we desire. How can I not be grateful every day of my life? Bring it on, 2020! 😊

So, how do you wish to spend the New Year, and what do you plan to achieve? Tell me all about them! Whatever your goals are, I wish you a happy, healthy and productive new year, and I hope that all your dreams come true.