If I haven’t said it before, I’ll repeat it: I love to write! Fortunately, a significant part of my job as a content marketer revolves around churning blogs, email and website content, banner copies, and social media captions daily.

Most of the time, I can come up with meaningful content that both my clients and target audience find valuable. However, there are times when I stare blankly at my Google Doc, hoping for an idea to pop up in my head and words to flow on the sheet smoothly.

Whenever that happens, I know I have hit a “creative snag,” and I must find ways to get out of it as soon as I can. In just five years, I have managed to work with over 60 clients from various industries. And the one thing I have learned is that my writer’s block is a silly excuse.

Will my clients understand why I can’t deliver work on time? God, NO! Therefore, instead of giving up or sulking, I write hoping my brain will restart and get out of the “creative snag” and sometimes, miraculously it does! And when it doesn’t, I follow six helpful tips to kickstart my creativity. Check them out on The Writing Cooperative.