Our favourite, inspiring companies often leave us “underwhelmed” with their lead generation copywriting strategy.

There is potential in their content to rise above the noise and deliver information and actionable insights to their target customers in an appealing way. They want to convert:

  • Website visitors into qualified leads
  • Free trial users into paying customers
  • Existing customers into loyal fans

But they can’t.

So, what precisely stops them from tapping this potential? Not having an excellent writer on the team!

Here’s a fundamental principle in business that never changes:

A person with excellent B2B copywriting skills can make a huge difference to your lead generation strategy.

That is where I enter the picture:

I am experienced in producing a massive range of lead generation and lead nurturing content formats, including:

InvitationsLead magnetsLinkedIn InMails
Direct mailLanding pagesTelemarketing scripts
NewslettersBusiness lettersEmail sequences

So if you find yourself producing “underwhelming” content, don’t worry – I’ll sort it for you.

Let’s get your target customers to notice you with my B2B lead generation copywriting chops.