Thanks to social media, just about everyone is a micro-celebrity, and that has compelled everyone to think about how they want their personal brands to be perceived today.

I have met many talented and successful entrepreneurs lately who don’t have a prominent presence online, and given the nature of their job, they know they should.

With my personal branding consulting services, they are able to shape their online identity and market themselves and their careers in a better way.

Here is a list of services I offer:

Personal blog strategy + copyInstagram management
Expert authority positioning in leading industry blogs and online magazinesLinkedIn management

Personal branding consulting services is most effective when built slowly, steadily, and organically. As an online brand consultant, I won’t promise you results in ‘XYZ days.’ But I guarantee you a personal brand of which you are incredibly proud.

That is why I don’t recommend this service for the short-term. It is not possible to become a thought leader overnight. You must devote a minimum of eight months to your personal brand to see any results.

Are you ready?