Laurence Whittam

Asavari is a very talented marketing professional who works very hard. Over the past few years of working with her, she has always come up with new ideas and executed on our marketing plans. A great content writer, with lots of thoughts about how to roll out the content.

Anshal Patel

Asavari is the brain behind Sivansh’s content strategy. She can plan, create, market and dish out kickass content to create a strong brand. She’s an excellent writer and editor, and has immense knowledge of inbound marketing. She also helped me with Sivansh’s branding.

Supreet Dhillon

It’s an absolute delight working with Asavari. Her work ethic is something that inspires a lot of people. If you want a swiftly written piece which is abundant in literary finesse, she is the person you contact. Even under immense pressure, she can work in the most composed manner.