I don’t make empty promises. I deliver. I am true to my craft. I believe in impactful business storytelling. I may sound just like everyone else but these eight characteristics give me a competitive edge.

1. I have just one specialty.

And that’s to write high-value and engaging content. I indeed love working across multiple domains and offer several services on my website, but I am not Jane of all trades. I am a writer. All my other skills stem from that. If you are looking for a fantastic writer to work with, don’t look any further. I am the one!

2. I am unifocal.

I am unifocal when it comes to dealing with my clients. I don’t have a thousand tabs open on my laptop, and I never work on two client assignments at the same time. I pick up one thing (or client) at a time. That boosts my efficiency, adds quality to my work and improves my time management.

3. I have the experience and eagerness to work.

I have had the pleasure of working with 60+ clients in just five years. That’s like one client per month on an average. Thanks to my entrepreneur friends who run their creative agencies, I have been a part of different projects in different industries – writing and marketing clients in the best possible way. I am driven and love to be challenged.

4. My major clients have stuck with me for long.

I believe in client retention. Luckily, the majority of my clients have approached me multiple times for different projects. I am also referred a lot by people who have previously worked with me. It throws light on the fact that we have a mutual admiration for the work we do. I let my client relationships grow organically – just how they should.

5. I am professional (and straightforward).

I will never sugarcoat or make fake promises to bag a gig or to please a client. But at the same time I will also lend a patient ear to my client’s ideas and goals. My job is to do constructive writing and I am good at it.

6. I turn around quality work on time.

I enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Weekends are for leisure and if I am away for long, my clients are informed well in advance. However, for any urgent tasks, I am just a phone call or Whatsapp message away.

7. I respect client confidentiality.

Whether it is business plans or social media credentials or access to important drives, any information shared with me by my clients, sensitive or not, is dealt with appropriately.

7. I accept feedback.

Positive or not, I take feedback constructively. I encourage my clients to express their thoughts about my work, and I am willing to go the extra mile to meet their expectations.

Let’s get to work?

Take your brand’s story from meh to whoa! with my help. Hop on a quick call with me to discuss how we can collaborate. I’ll keep the conversation short but meaningful. Promise! 🙂